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What is Brachioplasty?

Do you have flabby arms?

Most people seek for approaches to enhance the shape and form of their arms. If you feel all concerned about having flabby arms, an arm lift cosmetic procedure may be a solution for you.

Brachioplasty, which is widely known as arm lift, is a surgical procedure that improves the contour of your arms by removing excess fat and skin. People who had undergone significant weight loss are usually interested in this cosmetic procedure.

Other underlying reasons why people have flabby arms are aging and genetics. Some people say that diet and exercise are a great combination to achieve a well-toned body. However, this combination sometimes doesn’t work on reducing those flabby arms.

What can Brachioplasty do for you?

  • Removes excess sagging skin
  • Reduces the fat deposits in your arms
  • Put your arms into shape by tightening the tissues in your arms to give it a firm and well-toned look

Can you undergo Brachioplasty?

You’ll need to have the following requirements before you can undergo an arm lift surgery:

  • You have a saggy skin and fat on your arm that you wish to be reduced
  • You have a relatively stable weight and not obese
  • You don’t have any underlying medical condition that might affect your recovery from the procedure
  • You’re not a chain smoker
  • You need to have a positive attitude on your decision for a Brachioplasty
  • You have to set realistic expectations

How much does Brachioplasty cost?

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The average cost of Brachioplasty is $4,257, and this is the price for the procedure alone. It’s based according to the 2016 statistics of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Brachioplasty costs vary on several factors. You have to consider other expenses like hospital facilities, surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, and other related charges. Expect that you have to undergo medical tests before and after the surgery. There may also be prescription meds that you may need to take pre and post-surgery. Moreover, remember that prices also vary on the surgeon’s experience, geographic location, and equipment used for the procedure.

Health insurances may not cover a Brachioplasty procedure. However, some plastic surgeons offer installment plans. Make sure to ask the plastic surgeon about it. It can be a good deal for you.

How do you choose your plastic surgeon?

Brachioplasty can either be a non-invasive or minimally invasive surgical procedure, but it needs to be done by a well-experienced plastic surgeon. Your trusted surgeon must be board-certified and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Remember that it’s your comfort that matters most and it’s as important as the overall expenses of the surgery.

By: Dr Ruben B Abrams

When you’ve chosen the right plastic surgeon to do the job for you, make sure you ask questions about the procedure and the total expenses. The plastic surgeon will give you a discussion and detailed information about the surgery. You’ll then be asked to sign consent forms to confirm that you fully understand everything that’s being discussed.

What should you do before the surgery?

  • Undergo a medical and laboratory examination.
  • Depending on the doctor’s assessment of your health, you may be prescribed to take medications
  • If you’re under medications, you may be advised to adjust your meds
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid foods and drugs that are blood thinners or those meds that may induce bleeding
  • Have an optimistic mindset about the surgery

Brachioplasty is usually performed in a hospital or an accredited surgical facility. Make sure that you’ll have someone to drive you to the place and accompany you after the surgery. Moreover, you can get moral support from people who’ll accompany you before and after the procedure.

What should you do after the surgery?

Depending on the type of Brachioplasty procedure, you may have dressings, bandages, and compression garments applied on your arms. The bandages and garments are important to prevent swelling and infection after the surgery. There’ll be a small, thin tube that’ll be inserted under your skin. The tube will drain any excess body fluid after the surgery.

You’ll be given specific instructions on how to take good care of the surgical site and drains. Prescription medications will also be given to prevent infection and aid healing.

What are the results of the surgery?

Say goodbye to flabby arms! You’ll achieve smooth and well-toned arms that you can show to the world. You won’t have to worry about showing your arms to anyone as it’s smooth and tightened.

As said earlier, you have to set realistic expectations when deciding to undergo Brachioplasty. Although you expect good results from the surgery, there’s no guarantee. There’ll be cases where you might need to undergo another surgery if necessary. You’ll have to achieve a healthier lifestyle so as this is essential for a long-lasting result. Moreover, you have to follow your plastic surgeon’s advice. It’s vital to the success and full recovery of your surgery.

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