Top Ten Qualities to Look for in an Injector

In this article we’ll cover the following: Qualities to Look for in an Injector On-site Physician Injector Qualifications Full Disclosure of Risks and Benefits Facility Accreditation Professional Membership Reliable References Thoroughness Rapport Follow-Up Care Reasonable Cost Benefits of Choosing the Right Injector Injectables like Botulinum toxins (Botox) may be as risky as any surgical procedure. […]

Facts about Saline Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a common cosmetic surgery in America. In fact, there’s an increase of 4% of women who underwent breast augmentation for 2016. That’s one in every 26 women. The procedures mostly are composed of 84% silicone implants were used, and 16% were saline implants. This article will be focusing on the breast implants […]

Facial Paralysis Surgery In Beverly Hills

Image of doing surgery

Table of Contents: Facial Reanimation Surgery Techniques and Procedure Static vs. Dynamic Procedures How much does facial surgery cost? Who are the candidates for facial paralysis surgery? How to choose your cosmetic surgeon? How to plan for the procedure? What happens after the facial paralysis surgery? What are the results of facial paralysis surgery? Facial […]

Hair Transplantation In Beverly Hills

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Table of Contents: Definition Why do people suffer from hair loss? Who may undergo hair transplantation surgery? How much does hair transplantation cost? How to choose a hair transplantion surgeon? What to do before hair transplantation surgery? Where will your hair transplantation surgery be performed? Types of anesthesia Hair Transplantation Procedure Recovery after Hair Transplantation […]

Male Breast Reduction Surgery In Beverly Hills

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Table of Contents: Male Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure How much does it cost? Who are the candidates? How to choose your surgeon? Initial Consultation How to prepare for the procedure? Recovery Results Don’t let gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men) keep your confidence in a shell. Your problem can be solved with the help of a […]