Choosing the Best Implant Size for You

They say that the first step in breast augmentation is the most critical one. This step is choosing the best implant size for you. Implant sizes can range from 120 to 960 cc. The most common range is 300 to 400 cc. Implants may also differ by height and diameter.

Now, there’s entirely no fault or no shame about going through the process of breast augmentation. If you’re wondering what the steps in choosing the best implant size are, then read further.

Before you decide to choose, some factors may need to be considered. These are the following:

Your Body Type

Ideally, a slim woman with small breasts should avoid large size implants. The breast skin may not be able to provide adequate coverage to the implant and may cause implant rippling. Secondly, getting large size implants for a thin woman would bring sudden attention in social settings. If she’s uncomfortable with the attention, she may choose the medium-sized implants.

Your Body Shape

The woman’s natural body shape defines the type of breasts that’ll suit her. Women with muscular build may carry large size breast implants more efficiently because of their weight. Lean women who receive larger breast implants can suffer from backaches and may eventually have to consider an implant replacement plastic surgery.

Your Future Pregnancy

Future pregnancy is another factor for women who are choosing breast implants, if not, the most important. Biologically speaking, breasts may expand a few centimeters during pregnancy, and then return to their original size after delivery. The size of breast implant may be chosen more efficiently if the woman has no plans of having another pregnancy.

By: Howcast

Helpful tips for choosing the best breast implant size for you

Before you undergo surgery, you need to consider a few things.

Discuss your aesthetic goal with a certified cosmetic surgeon

As a patient, you should discuss the issue with your preferred cosmetic surgeon freely about your desired implant size. Once your plastic surgeon has a better understanding of your aesthetic needs and aspirations, your cosmetic surgeon can recommend the appropriate implant size for you.

Give your plastic surgeon a point of reference

You can choose photos from magazines, as well as the internet, and present them to your surgeon. As long as the body profile of the models in the images will match with your body profile, it may be possible to have your most desired implant size. The surgeon will have a better view of your choice with the photos you present.

The bra cup size is only a myth

Bra cup size may not be the best way in getting the right measurement when choosing implant sizes. Your cosmetic surgeon may have implant size samples to help you make a better choice. The implants you select can be placed inside a bra to give you a clear insight of how the breast will appear using that cup size.

So those are the steps in choosing the best implant size for you. Remember that your body is your own and you can freely choose as to how you want it to be. However, it’s also best to be prudent and wise. Discuss it with your plastic surgeon and listen to his or her advice.