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Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure In Beverly Hills

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Modern society views tight skin as a particular manifestation of youth.

If you’re one of those people who want to restore your tight and youthful skin, a Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure can help you.

What is Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure?

Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that aims to restore your skin’s firmness. It may help you get rid of that turtleneck skin, chin wattle, and mid-face wrinkles.

It doesn’t involve any surgical procedure. You won’t have to face scalpels and injections. There’s none of those fillers and lasers. Peels and thread lifts are also not included in Liftique Skin Tightening treatment.

By: Liftique Naturelle

How does Liftique™ Skin Tightening Work?

Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure makes use of Radio-Frequency (RF) energy. It’s meticulously applied to your skin. It heats up the deep layers of skin where the collagen and elastin fibers are located.

The RF energy below the surface of the skin triggers tightening of the fats and other connective tissues. This factor adds another layer of rejuvenation in making firmer and tighter skin.

Also, the enhancement of the surface skin is possible with the RF energy. It helps in shrinking the pores and resolving of sun-damaged skin.

How much does Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure Cost?

A Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure costs around $8,000 per treatment. The prices may vary by geographic region, the complexity of the procedure, and the doctor’s experience.

How do you choose your doctor?

•Certification and Membership

A Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure involves proper handling of FDA approved Radio Frequency (RF) devices. A certification of a well-trained doctor to handle RF devices may guarantee safety to your part as a client. It’s also best to choose a plastic surgeon who’s a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Certification of training for Liftique™ Skin Tightening treatment may assure you of the cosmetic surgeon’s expertise and experience.


A doctor’s involvement in the ins-and-outs of the usage of RF technology helps you identify that he’s capable of handling the Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure safely.


One way to find an excellent cosmetic doctor is by seeking a recommendation. If you know someone who unerwent a Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure, ask them. Check the doctor’s record for any malpractice complaints. This information may be made public by state medical boards.

What do I need to know before undergoing Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure?

You’ll have a personalized consultation with an experienced consultant. This factor will help them develop a treatment plan that suits your beauty goals.

It’s good to know that a Liftique™ Signature face and neck are designed as a single treatment. Around 6-8 months, the final results will start to show. If specific areas of deep wrinkles show the need of another treatment, you can schedule another treatment session to target specific areas.

What happens after the Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure?

After the procedure, you can expect some swelling. But there’s no need to worry since most patients don’t need pain medications after the process.

For itching, some patients may need anti-histamines to relieve it.

Also, you need to wait for 4-5 days after the procedure before you can do light exercises. More strenuous cardio activities can take place at day 10. After two weeks, you may resume to your usual gym workouts.

If you need to go to work immediately, you may expect that the swelling peaks at 2-3 days after the procedure. It may be quite noticeable up to 10 days. You may feel the swelling for up to 8-10 weeks, but may subside 10 days after the procedure. Also, bruising may last only for 10 days. However, some patients return to work after seven days carrying some bruise and swelling.

Also, the Liftique™ face and neck lift procedure doesn’t make your skin extra sensitive to the sun. But it’s still advisable that after the procedure, you should put on some sunscreen to minimize skin damage.

You may cover up any of discoloration using makeup. Do this 5 days after the procedure. At night, you need to remove your makeup using a gentle cleanser.

Is a Liftique™ Skin Tightening Procedure a guaranteed success?

The youthful results of the Liftique™ Premier procedure may last a long while depending on how you take care of your skin. Your face continues to age naturally. Protecting yourself from the sun’s damage and a healthy lifestyle may help you maintain the youthful results of the Liftique™ Skin Tightening Treatment.