What Motivates People To Have Plastic Surgery?

When you visit a plastic surgeon, the doctor will ask you about your reasons for going under the knife. The cosmetic surgeon needs to know your most profound plastic surgery motivation for two reasons.

Once the doctor knows your reason, he or she can assess if what you want to achieve is possible to do. Some people may demand a pair of breasts to look like those of their favorite celebrity. In some cases, it’s not possible due to the unique body shapes that people have.

By knowing your goals, your plastic surgeon can also identify whether you’re suitable for surgery and if you’d benefit from undergoing a particular procedure.

Your overall evaluation can help your surgeon decide whether to perform your preferred cosmetic procedure or not. So before visiting a plastic surgeon, think about your motives in wanting plastic surgery. Is it one or two of the following plastic surgery motivation listed below?

  1. Bad genes
    Your genes have been dictating a big part of your life since birth. Without being asked, you’re born with genes that are passed down to you by your great-great-grandparents. Some of these features might not appeal to you the right way. Knowing the power of cosmetic surgery, you think these physical features brought by genetics can be ‘corrected.’ So you turn to it like a magical spell that turns a bad day into a perfect night.It’s not wrong to enhance your beauty. Very few people have genes that have given them 100% happiness.If you have an oddly shaped nose that makes you feel uncomfortable, giving it a shot at plastic surgery might be your refuge. Doing so may be beneficial to your overall level of self-confidence.The problem with wanting to change with what you’re born with is when you want to change everything about your physical attributes. Rather than changing just one or two things about your body, you find yourself wanting more and you can’t seem to stop. Faulty expectations after plastic surgery may mean disappointment on your end.In cases like these, undergoing plastic surgery may not be a good idea. Even if you think that cosmetic surgery is going to help you, it’ll probably not. You may continue to feel the same way about yourself no matter how many surgeries you undergo.
  2. Reversing the signs of aging
    No matter what anti-aging techniques people use, time catches up eventually. Your skin becomes loose and will develop fine lines and wrinkles.Good thing cosmetic surgery is here to reduce the signs of aging effectively. Reversing the early signs of aging can be one of the factors that motivate people to undergo plastic surgery.With a good facelift, you may look 10 years younger. If you have wrinkles, dermal fillers like collagen or hyaluronic acid injection may temporarily restore your youthful face.It’s not surprising how reversing the signs of aging can be one of the top motivations people have in undergoing plastic surgeries. It has a good reputation for erasing a few years of your visible age.In general, plastic surgery costs lower when you get it done while you’re younger. Surgeons will have less work to do.For example, if a woman gets a facelift in her mid-30s, she’ll only need a mini-facelift. This procedure will cost cheaper than a woman in her 60s who needs a full facelift.
  3. Sun damaged skin
    The awareness about the harmful effects of the sun to the skin wasn’t as rampant as today. As a result, many people enjoyed basking in the sun unprotected for extended periods to achieve that perfect tan.It was women who enjoyed the tanning first. As sun beds became popular, tanning became more popular to all sexes since it was a great way to get tan quickly and cheaply.Unfortunately, as we know today, UV rays bring damaging effects to the skin. These rays are known to cause premature aging. The early signs of sun damage appear as freckles, wrinkles, and pigmented skin. Some people even develop skin cancer due to intense UV ray exposure.With the help chemical peels like Alpha hydroxy acid skin peels, light skin discoloration may be addressed. Skin cancer is usually surgically removed.Advanced signs of sun damage may include age spots, leathery-looking skin, and sagging skin. TCA peels or laser skin resurfacing may help improve the appearance of the skin.Sun damaged skin can be an excellent reason to visit your surgeon.
  4. Acne scars
    Acne scars may significantly affect a person’s level of confidence. There’s no wonder why people in their 20s or 30s seek help from dermatologists and plastic surgeons to get rid of these scars.The display of light or moderately deep acne scars may be permanently reduced by feathering its edges. With the help of laser skin resurfacing, skin needling treatments and microdermabrasion, acne scar problems are usually eased.Dermal fillers may also help raise the scar temporarily. Very deep acne scars may be concealed temporarily via sub-dermal fillers. In some cases, deep scars may be excised from the skin. This process may leave a smaller scar. It’s important to note that very deep scars can be hard to remove completely, so it’s better for you to have realistic expectations.
  5. Fixing a physical problem
    Sometimes, plastic surgeries can be required to restore the proper function of an area in your body. One example is the eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). It can help improve a person’s peripheral vision which can be of benefit when driving.Nasal surgery (septoplasty) may also help a person to breathe better. This procedure may help reduce or eliminate snoring.Body contouring surgery may also benefit those people who have excess weight and find themselves with sagging skin that may interfere with normal movement.People born with deformity may also benefit from plastic surgery. Those who suffer deformities due to injury or illness may turn to doctors to restore their healthy look.
  6. Career boost
    If your job gets you involved in a high level of customer interactions, then wanting to improve your physical appearance may be a standard idea.Improvement in your physical appearance may help you boost your confidence level, but make sure to go through a surgical procedure that can give you natural-looking attractive feels. After all, customers may want to interact with people who look ‘natural.’
  7. Fit in and be liked
    The media has been dictating how people view beauty. This factor is why some people are swayed to ‘fix’ themselves in hopes to be socially accepted.Cosmetic surgeries may help you look like what is considered to be attractive by the society. This situation can be tricky. Once you subject yourself reliable to what others are telling you, you may fall into the endless pit of low self-confidence.It’s important to examine your standards and be careful in believing what you see and read. Remember to have realistic expectations after the surgery. Once you have unrealistic beliefs, you may never get what you want with plastic surgery, and you may just go back to your doctor from time to time. It’s a vicious cycle you need to stop before it even starts.

The factors that motivate people to have plastic surgery can go a long list. They can be too personal, and some people may feel uncomfortable to tackle them.

Before saying yes to any plastic surgery, it’s essential to examine your beliefs and views thoroughly.

Always remember that you can enhance your physical attributes. Just make sure that you know where the limitation lies. Try to get to know your plastic surgery motivation before you knock on your surgeon’s door and spend money on something you might regret in the end.