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What is Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement surgery also called as phalloplasty, is a procedure for men who wish to increase their penis size permanently. Men may want the surgery due to different reasons, but this surgery is rarely performed. Their reasons may be both physical and psychological factors.

This procedure won’t only boost their confidence, but it can also decrease the performance anxiety due to their penis size. Some men choose to go through this surgery because of dysfunctional penises because of congenital disability or injury.

Penis enlargement surgery aims to lengthen and widen your penis size.

Can you choose your penis shape and size?

Every man’s penis is different from another person. That’s why the size and shape of your penis during the procedure will depend on your anatomy.

Penis Enlargement Procedure

A successful penis enlargement surgery may take around four hours to finish. Usually, after the procedure, the length of the penis is increased between 2.5cm to 5cm in its erect state.

The width typically extends by around 1 to 2cm in erect and flaccid states.

This procedure may include several techniques to achieve the optimal results.

By: James Elist MD

Penile Lengthening

The penile lengthening is a technique where your doctor extends the part of your penis that’s hidden inside your body. That part of your penis can make about one-third of your total penis length.

A skilled surgeon performs this procedure. Your doctor will cut suspensory ligaments at the base of your penis through the low abdomen incisions. The cut ligaments allow the penis to grow naturally. Then a tissue is placed between your pubic bone and lengthened the penis.

Girth Enlargement

The girth enlargement procedure will widen your penis during the surgery. To expand the width of your penis, you can choose from dermal fat graft and fat injections. How do they differ from each other?

Dermal Fat Graft

The Dermal fat graft is what’s commonly done by skilled surgeons for girth enlargement. The dermal fatused in this technique is usually taken from the stomach or buttocks. The small amount of fat taken will then be transferred underneath your penile skin. Dermal fat graft gives more permanent results when compared to fat injections.

Fat Injection

Another technique for girth enlargement is the fat injection. Over time, fat injections may disappear entirely. What’s worse with this technique is that it may leave some fat lumps and results to a deformed penis. But some cosmetic surgeons still offer fat injection.

Pubic Lift

This technique is done along with the other techniques for penis enlargement surgery for some men who have excess skin the pubic region. A pubic lift will remove the excess skin that hangs around your penis and lifts the pubic area after.

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How much does it cost?

It’s hard to determine the fixed cost of penis enlargement surgery since several factors affect the cost. These factors may include:

  • Anesthesia
  • Surgeon’s fee (may differ, based on their experience)
  • Hospital facility costs
  • Medical tests
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Medications

To know the fixed cost of the surgery, visit the clinic and surgeon you trust and choose the penis enlargement surgery.

Who can undergo penis enlargement surgery?

A penis enlargement is for men who:

  • Wishes to increase their penis size
  • Are circumcised
  • Have dysfunctional penis due to congenital disability or injury
  • Are over 21 years of age
  • Have excellent overall health
  • Does not smoke

Men with a positive outlook on life are also an excellent characteristic for those who want to go through this surgery. Make sure you can set realistic expectations after the surgery.

How to choose your cosmetic surgeon?

A penis enlargement surgery must be done by a certified and expert cosmetic surgeon to accomplish the best results. An unqualified practitioner may lead to surgical complications and unsatisfying results. Keep these factors in mind when choosing a surgeon for your penis enlargement surgery.

  • Certification and Memberships. First of all, make sure that a surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Memberships may not be necessary, but it could be a great indication that your surgeon is well-skilled.
  • Experience. A surgeon’s experience can tell well if he can give you a safe and satisfying penis enlargement surgery.
  • Reputation. One way to find an excellent plastic surgeon is by seeking a recommendation. If you know someone who went through a penis enlargement surgery, ask them. Check the doctor’s record for any malpractice complaints. This information may be made public by state medical boards.

What can you expect after the surgery?

After 48 to 72 hours after the surgery, you may go through a pain-buster system. The system uses a catheter to release a local anesthetic to the area of operation. At this time, you’ll take medications to stop erections, so the sutures and graft don’t remove while you’re in the healing process.

You’re not allowed to smoke for six months right after the surgery. It has been proven that smoking can increase the risk of infection and may slow down the healing process.

If you’ve noticed that your penis becomes red and swollen, don’t worry. That’s completely normal because of the enhancement procedure.

You may also be refrained from having sex for at least six weeks. The bandage will be removed after a week and sutures are dissolved by themselves. Ideally, you can go back to your normal daily activities after four to six weeks.

Pay attention to the special postoperative instructions that your surgeon will tell you. You may also need to wear weights. Your doctor may also wrap your penis which should stay for about 12 weeks.

Will there be scars?

After the procedure and healing process, there may be a small scar on your lower abdomen due to penis lengthening. For those who went through dermal graft, there may also be scars, but they’ll eventually fade after a couple of years.


Despite the horrors of this surgery, there are still many men who went through the procedure with satisfaction. The penile lengthening will keep a permanent penis length, and the dermal graft will also keep the new girth size.

Remember that a penis enlargement surgery is a real operation. There may be possible risks. Make sure you’ve weighed the pros and cons of the surgery. Always follow preoperative and postoperative instructions by your doctor so you can see the optimal results of the surgery.

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