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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Prices

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When you think of plastic surgery, the first word that may come to your mind is ‘expensive’. Cosmetic surgery costs an arm and a leg, and you got to pay through the nose. Most people even believe that it’s only for the rich and famous.

But, here’s good news for you! Nowadays, you can have the benefit of an affordable plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. Well, it’s not because you’re going to pay the surgery with your arms, legs, or noses.

Plastic surgeons are giving you helpful ways to improve your looks using cosmetic surgery.

Here are some reasons why people can now afford plastic surgery:

* Cost of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeons offer cosmetic surgery prices that are within your spending budget. This doesn’t mean that they’re going to give substandard services. All they want is to make you feel happy about yourself.

* Availability of Financing Options for Plastic Surgery

Back in the days, there were no financial companies that would offer loans for cosmetic surgeries. Nowadays, most lending institutions have incredible options for people who want to improve their looks through plastic surgery.

Most cosmetic surgeons offer different payment options for your convenience. They may let you pay through credit or debit cards. Some plastic surgeons even offer cosmetic surgery installment plans to make it easier for you.

* Health Insurance Providers Covering Plastic Surgery

Most health insurance providers now cover reconstructive surgeries. You don’t have to worry undergoing cosmetic surgery for physical defects caused by accidents and traumas.

Average Costs of Plastic Surgery Procedures in Beverly Hills

Are you considering plastic surgery in Beverly Hills but have no idea about the price of a particular cosmetic procedure?

By: Dr. Eugene Kim

Yearly, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons provides statistics about the average costs of several cosmetic surgery procedures in the US. Through their information, you can stay updated about the plastic surgery prices if you wish to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Just remember that the ASPS statistics only provide average costs for the procedure alone. It doesn’t include other related expenses like anesthesia, surgeon’s fee, and the cost of the surgical facility.

So, if you plan to undergo cosmetic surgery, you should include in your budget the pre and post-surgery costs like medications, medical tests, and garments.

The table below represents the average costs of various cosmetic surgeries, according to the 2016 ASPS statistics.

[table id=surgery-price /]

In Beverly Hills, prices vary widely because of various reasons. Most cosmetic surgeons don’t offer overpriced services, and you may check the Beverly Hills plastic surgery prices below. Remember, that the average costs stated below are for the procedure alone and it doesn’t include other expenses that are related to the surgery.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Prices (Aaverage Cost)

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

[table id=facial /]

Breast Enhancement Procedure

[table id=breast /]

Body Contouring Procedures

[table id=body /]

These are the average costs of commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in Beverly Hills. You should remember that these figures don’t reflect the total expenses of your chosen plastic surgery procedure. The prices stated above also vary and depend on several factors.

Factors that Affect the Cosmetic Surgery Prices

If you finally decided to undergo plastic surgery, you should remember that your total expenses depend on several factors.


You should expect that plastic surgeons who are well-skilled and well-experienced with the cosmetic procedure will have a higher surgeon’s fee. Well, If you’re after quality results, you wouldn’t mind paying more for their excellent services.


Looking at the table of Beverly Hills plastic surgery prices above, you can tell that the different cosmetic procedures don’t have the same prices. A cosmetic enhancement procedure on a particular area of the body has its own cost. Check the table above for the average cost of a particular cosmetic procedure that you prefer to undergo.


The cost of a particular cosmetic procedure depends on the size, shape, and complexity of the surgery. Typically, a cosmetic procedure will require you to undergo several cosmetic treatment sessions for optimal results. Expect that the more complicated the procedure, the higher will be the charges. The more sessions you undergo, the greater will be the cost.


Location may influence the cost of cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic surgery costs in Beverly Hills may not be the same in other parts of the US. You should remember that the average cost of living and the local tax aren’t the same in all regions of the US.

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