Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Stars Who Had Plastic Surgeries

They go by the name Real Housewives, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fakes in them. When it comes to beauty, they sure know how to maximize their money.

Check out how far these reality TV stars went! Don’t hate, but appreciate.

1. Camille Grammer

This 49-year-old divorcee is unstoppable. She can dance. She’s a model and an actress. Also, she’s a producer and a writer. Okay. Every woman may hate her for her talent and gorgeous looks. She’s a piece of a dime.

But just like every precious dime, she’s got rough edges that needed polishing. In Grammer’s case, she thought she might need breast enhancements. With her estimated net worth of $50 million, this is no sweat.

And oh, don’t forget the Botox!

In an interview with Judy Regan’s SIRIUS XM radio show, she spilled:

“Oh God, what have I done? Let’s see. Obviously, I’ve had a breast augmentation and … Botox absolutely — just a crock full of Botox.”

Well, you can’t blame her. After all, she’s just trying to be the kind of woman she wants to be. Just like everybody.

2. Kim Richards

This former child celebrity evolved into a dazzling full-grown star.

She’s 53 and keeps on proving she’s gold. But being gold takes effort, yes. And Richards knew this fact very well. This reason is why she made herself available for some surgical enhancements, too!

In an interview, she laughed:

“I did a little Botox at one point with my sister, and I did have implants that I had taken out. They made them too big, and I couldn’t see my feet. Not that I loved my toes, but I would like to glance at them now and then.”

Richards surely knows it never too late to change your mind. Especially when the consequences hinder your sight. Come on! Once in awhile, we all need to check out toes if they caught frostbite or something.

3. Kyle Richards

Hail Kim’s younger sister, Kyle Richards!

This 48-year-old goddess has every buck she needs to get those expensive beauty enhancements. But she’s high-key sultry, and she knows that. So instead of getting sizable tweaks, she just went for the minor yet highly noticeable improvements.

In an interview, she said:

“I did have my nose done. I have done Botox. My husband doesn’t know, but he does now … But these are my own boobs!”

Happy wife, happy husband.

4. Adrienne Maloof

Excellent family background, ever-flourishing businesses, ravishing dating life. She’s got it all.

People who knew that she was once married to a plastic surgeon would think she dived head first under the knife. But in an interview, she confessed:

“Botox, fillers, boobs, nose … No lips … No cheekbones.”

So yes, she had it all. She had it all because she CAN have it all. Why not?

5. Lisa Vanderpump

We’re down to our fifth Real housewife who admitted about their surgical enhancements. And Lisa Vanderpump is just like the others. She’s an epitome of woman accomplishment.

She’s a restauranteur, an actress, an activist and an editor-in-chief. Sounds a lot for a single plate, right?

When it comes to physical beauty, she knows she can’t be an underdog. But this 56-year-old British restaurant owner seemed to be reluctant about her surgical enhancement at first.

When asked to reveal the surgeries she’s had, she said:

“I plead the Fifth!”

By Fifth, she aimed the Fifth Amendment to protect her. The said amendment states that no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself. But, Nah! It’s to no avail in the realm of Botox! Oops.

She eventually conceded: “Okay, I have a bucket of Botox in my face!”

Just like ordering a bucket of chicken in a restaurant, yes, she can have a bucket of Botox! Touche.

6. Taylor Armstrong

The youngest on this list, Taylor Armstrong, wasn’t in denial about the enhancements she’s had.

This 46-year-old Real Housewife seemed proud of what she’d done. She even joked “Just start from the top, right?” when asked about her enhancements.

“You should’ve seen what I looked like before – oh my god! I mean, scary! So yeah, [lip] filler, Botox. And I had my boobs done.” She confessed.

The bottom line

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are equally gorgeous in their unique ways. And they know better than letting age stop them from slaying.

While it’s a universal truth that beauty isn’t limited to Botox, fillers, and boob enhancements, it’s important to consider which works best for a specific need. And these Real Housewives of Beverly Hills apparently knew what they needed.