Choosing the Best Implant Size for You

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They say that the first step in breast augmentation is the most critical one. This step is choosing the best implant size for you. Implant sizes can range from 120 to 960 cc. The most common range is 300 to 400 cc. Implants may also differ by height and diameter. Now, there’s entirely no fault […]

What is the Average Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon’s Salary?

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A lot of us find interest in talking about plastic surgeries. Some celebrities who undergo cosmetic surgery openly discuss the processes and prices about their beauty enhancement. But behind those desirable results, does it ever cross your mind of how much a plastic surgeon earns? To be honest, there might be a lengthy discussion. You […]

How much does Liposuction cost?

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Cosmetic surgeries are common these days whether it’s for health or beauty reasons. One of the most famous cosmetic enhancement procedure is perhaps liposuction. The main question is: how much does a liposuction cost? The cost of a liposuction procedure depends. According to the 2016 statistics of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average […]