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Every year, there’s an increasing number of women who undergo plastic surgeries. 2016 seemed to be a bang, but 2017 isn’t far behind. This growing number of women undergoing cosmetic procedures just proved that the past stigma of plastic surgeries is gone. It’s pretty much a common thing nowadays.

As a woman, we value our appearance so much.

We want to look perfect or maybe just better than the way we used to look. That’s the reason why we fix our hair, apply lotion and makeup.

For some women, they opt for plastic surgeries for better, long-lasting results. Plus, there are many things a plastic surgery can do that no topical creams or lotions can.

Aside from improving one’s performance, there are other reasons why women undergo plastic surgeries:

  • Fixing deformities caused by accidents or trauma
  • Correcting congenital disabilities
  • Health reasons
  • Aging

No matter what reason lies beneath a woman’s decision to undergo a particular procedure, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’ll make her feel better about herself, why not? Let’s count down the top 5 plastic surgeries for women in 2017.

5 Plastic Surgery Procedures

5. Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

Making it to our 5th place of plastic surgeries for women is tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. This surgery is for the women who want to achieve a well-toned abdomen that weight control and exercise can’t do. Women who have saggy stomach due to aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations may undergo this cosmetic procedure.

There are many approaches of this surgical procedure, depending on your cosmetic goals and advice of your cosmetic surgeon. In certain cases, it can help restore weakened muscles by creating an abdominal profile that’s firmer and smoother. The procedure may last for one to five hours, depending on the technique used by your doctor.

4. Nose Reshaping or Rhinoplasty

On the 4th spot is the nose reshaping or rhinoplasty. It’s a surgical procedure that aims to reshape your nose and proportion it to other facial structures. This operation will help enhance your facial features. Rhinoplasty is a procedure popular in Asian women who want to acquire pointed noses. It’ll give them more confidence with their well-shaped noses.

Aside from improving one’s appearance, some women undergo this procedure because of serious medical reasons. Some of these reasons may include women who have deformities in their nose due to injury or a congenital defect. This cosmetic procedure is also intended for those who have difficulty in breathing because of a deviated septum.

3. Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty

The eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is the 3rd popular plastic surgery in women. They say our eyes are the mirror of our souls, but they’re one of the first areas of our face where aging becomes visible. Having beautiful eyes can make you more attractive compared to eyes with saggy eyelids and eye bags.

This surgery will solve your eye bag and saggy eyelid problems. It can either be performed on the upper or lower eyelids or both. Women who suffer from under-eye bags, puffy eyelids, and tired-looking eyes usually go through this procedure. It can help retain a young-looking skin. If you have glaucoma and dry eyes, you may not be allowed to undergo this operation.

2. Liposuction

Liposuction has to be one of the women’s favorite plastic surgery! No wonder it’s in the 2nd spot. Liposuction is a procedure that can aid you to shed off extra fat in your belly, thighs, arms, and other areas where fat loves to stay. It’s usually performed on the abdomen, buttocks, neck, chin, thighs, back, and the back of arms.

There are many techniques for this surgery. You and your doctor will determine the best method for you to achieve optimal results. This 2017, liposuction has shifted to a more advanced procedure like liposculpture. The cosmetic procedure will give you a better body contour than just suctioning your extra fats.

By: DrKapoorBeverlyHills

1. Breast-Related Plastic Surgeries (Augmentation, Reduction, Lift and Reconstruction)

Number 1 on the list is plastic surgeries that involve breasts! Why? Probably because women just love their breasts. It connotes sensuality and intimacy. Good-looking and well-proportioned breasts will help a woman be more confident about herself.

  • Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammaplasty) – is a procedure for those who want to increase the size of their breast. You can choose between saline or silicone breast implants for this procedure. Fat transfer is also possible for this procedure if you’re not fond of breast implants.
  • Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty) – in contrast with augmentation, this procedure will reduce the size of your breast. This procedure is best for women who suffer from overly large breasts that make everyday living a burden. It may also prevent other health complications to occur.
  • Breast Lift (Mastopexy) – is a procedure that helps women with saggy breasts due to aging and breastfeeding. It lifts the breasts by removing extra skin and by tightening the surrounding tissue of the breasts supporting the breast contour. This procedure will reshape your breasts.
  • Breast Reconstruction – this is a procedure that reconstructs the breast of a woman who underwent surgery to treat breast cancer. This procedure was made more popular when actress Angelina Jolie went through the procedure because of her risk for breast cancer. The procedure includes using an autologous tissue or a prosthetic material to create natural-looking breasts.

So there you go, those are the five plastic surgeries that women sought for some time until this 2017. The mentioned procedures are the cosmetic surgical procedures. This is different from other procedures that are less invasive.

Top 5 minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures

If you wish to know the top 5 minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures, here are those:

5. Microdermabrasion is a procedure that helps eliminate or lessen the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and pigmentation.

4. Laser Hair Removal – this procedure will help remove unwanted hair in any part of your body. It’ll expose the area to pulses of laser light to destroy the hair follicles.

3. Chemical Peel – this procedure will help improve your skin and smoothen its texture. It can be performed on your face, neck, or hands. The procedure uses a chemical solution that’ll exfoliate your skin and peels off the dead skin cells. It’ll help you achieve a smoother and less wrinkled skin.

2. Soft Tissue Fillers or Derma Fillers – this procedure is also called as injectable implants. The fillers used in this procedure are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It’ll help create a smoother facial appearance, revitalizing it. It can also plump up your lips and minimize the appearance of facial creases.

1. Botulinum toxin – the injection of botulinum toxin makes it the top, minimally invasive procedures for women this 2017. This procedure is very popular. Celebrities undergo this procedure to make them look young. It aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in adult women.

Undergoing cosmetic procedure, whether they’re surgical or not, is your choice. If you can set realistic expectations of the surgery, then go for it. If it makes you happy, who cares what other people say? Just make sure that you go to a licensed cosmetic surgeon to perform your preferred cosmetic procedure. This will ensure you with safe and better results.

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