How to Get Here: Directions to Beverly Hills

They say that if you want to have a great chance to meet some of Hollywood brightest stars, you have to go to where they usually hang out. Beverly Hills is a city known for its shopping paradise and the home to the rich and famous people. The place indeed speaks volumes in luxury and […]

Where to Stay During Surgery – The 10 Best Beverly Hills Luxury Hotels

If you’ve visited Beverly Hills for its most excellent plastic surgeons, you deserve to know that you can stay in the best accommodations while you’re on for your surgery. Whether you’re in your initial consultation or healing process, shrug off the horror of going under the knife by indulging in one of the Beverly Hills […]

What Motivates People To Have Plastic Surgery?

When you visit a plastic surgeon, the doctor will ask you about your reasons for going under the knife. The cosmetic surgeon needs to know your most profound plastic surgery motivation for two reasons. Once the doctor knows your reason, he or she can assess if what you want to achieve is possible to do. […]

Steps to Verify any Information about a Particular Plastic Surgeon

Image of man in scrub suit

Table of Contents: Plastic surgery isn’t a joke. Just like any surgery, you go through the knife and safety is a must. One false move and irreparable damages may occur If you happen to find out that the surgeon has been filed with a recent lawsuit, don’t jump to immediate conclusions. Rather do these: Plastic […]

The Best Foods to Eat Prior to Cosmetic Surgery

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Table of Contents Why do we need to eat the right foods pre-surgery? Is fasting required before surgery? What are the best foods to eat before undergoing a cosmetic surgery? What are the foods to avoid before the surgery? Other Preparations before Cosmetic Surgery Undergoing cosmetic surgery doesn’t only need mental and financial preparations. It […]

Breast Implants Compared

Image of knitted breast

Table of Contents Silicone Breast Implants Saline Breast Implants Gummy Bear Breast Implants What’s the Best Implant to Choose? You deserve the results you want. Explore different breast implants to choose from if you’re planning to undergo breast augmentation. If you’re unhappy with the size and structure of your breast, you don’t have to live […]

Plastic Surgery Addiction Facts

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Table of Contents: What does Plastic Surgery Addiction mean? What are the Causes of Plastic Surgery Addiction? Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) Social Influence Low Self-Esteem Risks of Plastic Surgery Addiction How to Treat Plastic Surgery Addiction? Nowadays, plastic surgery is not just limited to physical reconstruction due to accidents. Beauty enhancement or plastic surgery has […]

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

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In this article we’ll cover the following: How much does breast augmentation cost? Plan your budget for breast augmentation surgery Helpful tips when considering breast augmentation costs Whether you feel conscious of your bust size or just want to enhance them aesthetically, plastic surgeons are here to help. Now, there’s easy access to cosmetic surgery, […]

10 Celebrity Before-And-After Plastic Surgery Disasters

Image of two women

Human’s insatiability has thrown people into a pit of various consequences. Even celebrities aren’t exempted from this problem. While maintaining a youthful appearance, some of these famous personalities had their fair share of going under the knife. But sadly, not all things that come with positive goals result in positive outcomes. From little injections to […]

Silicone Vs Saline Breast Implants, Which Ones Are Safer

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Table of Contents: Which type of breast implant is safer? Silicone gel-filled breast implants Saline-filled breast implants Breast augmentation is a commonly performed cosmetic procedure worldwide. When trying to consider breast enhancement options, questions may arise. Especially on which breast implant works best for you. Which type of breast implant is safer? This question might […]